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We have 62 units of various sizes, to suit the size of your family, your income and your needs.

Type of unit


Monthly Housing Charges

1 bedroom apartment

916 square feet

$798 per month

2 bedroom apartment

980 square feet

$1,003 per month

3 bedroom townhouse

1558 square feet

$1,213 per month

4 bedroom townhouse

1572 square feet

$1,321 per month

There are four 1 bedroom units on an upper floor.

There are eight 2 bedroom units in the Co-op, six are ground level and two are on an upper floor. Four of the six 2 bedroom units are wheelchair friendly, with either a bathtub or wheel-in shower.

There are forty-two 3 bedroom units in the Co-op. Each unit has the living area and kitchen, as well as a bathroom, on the main floor and the bedrooms on the upper floor. There is also a basement in each unit with a bathroom.

There are eight 4 bedroom units in the Co-op. They are the same as the 3 bedroom units with the addition of a fourth bedroom. 

Guildtown Co-op has a large Common Room which is used for meetings and events, such as movie nights, adult only nights, parties and seasonal celebrations. We also have structured playgrounds for children as well as a half-court fenced in basketball court. Coin operated laundry facilities are available for your convenience. There is limited on-site visitor parking for guests. 

If you have any questions you may email us at 


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