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Guildtown Housing Co-Op is a Block Watch community.

This which means we are on the lookout at all times to
ensure our safety and the safety of our neighbours. 

What is Block Watch?

Block Watch is an extension of what you may already be doing on a daily basis.  Many of us have watched out neighbour's home for them when they are away or at work as a favour or just as a good neighbour.  Under Block Watch that watchfulness is broadened and becomes more systematic.  All residents on a block get to know each other through participation and communication and keep an eye out for each other.  Block Watch involves being alert as part of your everyday life.

The Block Watch program involves two commitments:

The first is to be as concerned about your neighbours' property as you would be about your own.  The second is to report all suspicious or criminal activity to the Police and then to your Block Watch Captain.

The aims and objectives of Block Watch are:

  1. To reduce property crime, auto theft and nuisance problems.

  2. To involve the Police and the public by maintaining a tow-away communication link promoting the "working together" concept.

  3. To offer viable solutions to reduce recurrences of crime and alleviate fear and frustration felt by residents.

  4. To establish a sense of community within our neighbourhood by establishing and maintaining responsibility for crime prevention by the public.

The primary function of the Block Watch Captain is to set up communication between neighbours and serve as the link between Block Watch participants and the Block Watch office.
The Block Watch Captain or Co-Captain is not responsible to keep crime off the block, to patrol the area or be responsible for everyone's house keys when they are on vacation.  Being alert to crime and its prevention is the responsibility of everyone in our Co-Operative.

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