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* Members accepted into the Co-op will be given a copy of our Rules & Policies binder.
* Information below is a brief synopsis of pertinent issues of interest to applicants.

  1. PARTICIPATION:  The Co-op has a strict policy regarding participation. All units must be represented on at least one committee and work actively to make our Co-op a better place to live.  We ask that each unit contribute a minimum of four hours per calendar month. Any questions you may have regarding participation are answered here.

  2. MEETINGS:  General Membership Meetings are held in the Common Room approximately every two months.  Many decisions affecting the Co-op are made and members are encouraged to exercise their right to participate in decisions made by attending the meetings and voting.


  1. There are 2-3 general cleanup work parties held each year (Spring, Summer and Fall). Members are encouraged to participate by pruning trees, weeding, hauling etc.

  2. There are several seasonal parties held for both children and adults in the Co-op

  3. The Common Room is available for members who wish to hold private functions

  1. GRASS CUTTING:  All members are expected to fulfill their scheduled turn at mowing the section of lawn assigned to them.  This usually requires 4 to 5 mowing's per year, per unit.

  2. PETS:  Pets are allowed, according to Co-op rules.  These rules include the following requirements:

  1. Not more than two mammals (dog or cat)

  2. No vicious breed (e.g. Pit Bull)

  3. Spaying/Neutering is mandatory for dogs and cats

  4. No loose animals.

  5. Poop & Scoop required and monitored

  6. Dogs must be less than 21" high at the shoulder.

  1. PARKING:  Each unit is given one yellow visitor's tag.  Visitors are expected to display this tag and must park in designated visitor spots or on the street.  Members must display a white tag and park in their designated spot(s) only. Violators will be towed at their own expense.

  2. INSURANCE: Proof of Household (Occupancy) insurance with Public Liability is required annually. 

  3. LOCKS:  There is NO master key.  Members who lock themselves out must pay for a locksmith.

  4. LAUNDRY:  A coin-operated laundry is located beside the Common Room.  Members who require this facility are expected to share in the clean-up and maintenance of this area.  There are washer and dryer hook-ups in each townhouse/apartment, as well.

  5. SNOW REMOVAL:  The Co-op will hire snow removal IF there is 10cm or more on the ground. Otherwise, members must shovel snow from their porches, walkways, balconies and parking lots.

  6. GARDENING:  Small plots of garden are located in front of and behind each unit.  Members are expected to maintain these plots by weeding and watering, as well as by planting flowers or shrubs which add to the beauty of the Co-op.

  7. HOUSING CHARGES:  Monthly housing charges are payable in the form of 12 post-dated checks.  Late charges will be applied to outstanding/NSF checks.
    SHARE PURCHASE:  $2,000 is required upon signing of the lease agreement.
    SUBSIDIZED HOUSING:  Available to this already on a (lengthy) waiting list as per ILM rule. 

  8. BEHAVIOR:  Parent(s) are held responsible for the behavior of their children, friends and visitors while on Co-op property.

  9. SHARE PURCHASE:  The value of shares required to occupy the accommodation is $2,000.00 (TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS) and is due upon the signing of the Lease Agreement (approx 2 weeks prior to move in).  Payment to be made by certified check unless other arrangements are made.

If you have any questions you may email us at 


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